Tanja somewhere on the roof...
Tanja somewhere on the roof...

PhD student at the Department of Bionanoscience

I studied Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg university in Germany with biophysical chemistry as a major. During my bachelor thesis in the lab of Irmgard Sinning at the Biochemistry Center in Heidelberg I was exposed to structural biology for the first time, in particular X-ray crystallography. During my master thesis in the group of Carsten Sachse at the EMBL in Heidelberg I used negative staining electron microscopy as well as cryo-electron microscopy to study the selective autophagy receptor P62 and its interaction partners. In May 2018 I joined the Electron Nanoscopy Lab for my PhD, continuing with structural biology using cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography to study oligomerization processes crucial for intracellular pathogen defense.

In my free time I like being active and outside and I enjoy playing (and watching) football.