Stefan Huber

PhD student at the Department of Bionanoscience

I started as a PhD candidate in the Electron Nanoscopy Lab in April 2019.

Intrigued by the odd phenomenon that a bunch of jiggling atoms have the emergent property we call “life”, I started studying Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg University. Many projects I worked on so far are at the interface of physics, computer science and biology. For my Bachelor thesis I worked with high-throughput sequencing data from cancer samples at DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center). During my master program I worked at RIKEN in Kobe, Japan on high-density microelectrode arrays to study action potentials of cultured neuronal networks. In the last two years of my master’s, I decided to finally see the jiggling and wiggling of atoms and got interested in cryo electron microscopy. I worked at EMBL Heidelberg, first on algorithms for cryo-EM data processing, and then on structure determination of the ESCRT-III protein Vps24 and other proteins. Since I enjoy the visual approach of electron microscopy and the prospect to better understand living systems, I started my PhD in the Electron Nanoscopy Lab in Delft. Here, I will try to visualize the time-resolved mechanics of membrane remodelling machineries.

Apart from science, I like cycling, running, playing piano, looking through my telescope and learn new languages.